11 Herbs & Spices
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A Handy Guide for New Members!

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Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:58 pm    Post subject: Ads

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The Colonel
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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 3:19 am    Post subject: A Handy Guide for New Members! Reply with quote

Navigating through the Colonel's Kitchen: Guidance for our new members!

So you love the Kentucky Fried Chicken taste of old, and you – by some miracle – have managed to come across this forum nestled comfortably here on the ‘Net; But! Now you’re here, you’re a tad overwhelmed by the sheer scope of this forum... and you're thinking, “Where do I begin?!” ...

Well, fear not!

Because what follows is a map of sorts, which will guide you through the haze, your hand in mine, so that you too can tackle the mystery that is Colonel Harland Sanders’ famous blend of “11 Herbs and Spices”. Learn about the man, his cooking methods, his desire for quality and great customer service, but most of all... Learn that which will hopefully lead you to discovering his elusive secret recipe once and for all, so that we can all cook and then eat his unique Southern Style Fried Chicken in the comfort of our own homes...

So, without further ado, let us begin:

Naturally, the first place to start is with the honourable man himself; the one, the only, Colonel Harland David Sanders. Yes, this article is a bit “P.C”... it’s got that Corporate “stamp of approval” ring to it, but we’ll get to the “dirt” soon enough Wink Having said that, it is a very interesting read:


And BAM! Here we are! Are you ready to get your hands "dirty"?

Next, one needs to know what some of our “motivational factors” on this journey are... Why do we feel the need to replicate the Original Recipe of old, you may ask? What's wrong with just buying the KFC of today? Well, read the following article and you will have no doubt as to what motivates and compels us... For it is a complete overview of the causes of our mutual contempt and frustration at what the KFC Corporation (as distinguished from Colonel Sanders' "Kentucky Fried Chicken Company") has done to a once awesome legacy:


Now, there must be some basic rules for any potential replicator who is intending on embarking on this great journey, no? Why YES! Of course there is! Indeed, if you read and carefully study the following seven rules you'll be well on your way to replicating that elusive recipe in the most authentic way possible!


Before we disembark, what better way to understand the correct method and approach to cooking good fried chicken but via Colonel Sanders’ very own words and instructions?



As you will have read on the main page of this forum, Colonel Sanders said that the herbs and spices which made up his famous recipe stood on “everybody’s kitchen shelves at home”. But, the discerning one, the one who takes little for granted might question just what WERE the common herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders’ day? Afterall, his “heyday” was well over 50 years ago, no?

Well, that’s a great question! And it just so happens that we’ve done the research for you:


So, after more than 2 years of research here at the “Colonel’s Kitchen” forum, where do we stand regarding the common herbs and spices, you ask? Which ones do we honestly think are the strongest candidates? Which ones aren’t so “rock solid”? ... Well, read on to find out!


Well, that's fine and all, but do you have actual "proof" or any kind of evidence showing your lines of investigation? Your thought processes? Why, of COURSE we do! We're not just blowin' smoke up your... ahem... you know what I mean! hehe... for all the evidence at your fingertips, kindly click on the following link:


Know, my fellow potential replicators, that the modern-day KFC Corporation produces a product which it calls "Colonel Sanders' Original Recipe Seasoning mix”, but which, in reality, is only a pale and insignificant shadow of its once glorious former self (And by that, I mean the original “Original Recipe” of the 1970’s and before!!!) Nonetheless, a kind and generous onlooker has managed to snap some photos of the elusive mix, and graciously send them in to us for further study and analysis... Behold that which the regular person rarely sees:


Now, if you’ve been following me, and have read and absorbed all of the above, then you should know by now that the only way to authentically mimmick Colonels Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken is via the utilisation of a pressure fryer... (Now, if you don’t have one for starters it does NOT mean you can’t begin your journey, but in the long term, our sincere advice is to try to get your mitts on one) I know that these contraptions are by no means “cheap”, so we'll start with a basic model which most folk can hopefully afford:


Finally... after 2 years of cooking up a firey storm of spices and herbs in our kitchens we must have come up with a ton of recipes right? .... Damn STRAIGHT we have! So what follows are the last 20 or so recipes cooked up by the Admin of the “Colonel's Kitchen” (Just call him “Colonel”, or “TC” for short) ... From this list one can easily garner a noted progression from stumbling “hack” (fumbling around in the dark), to a very discerning connoisseur of Fried Chicken whose recipes could easily lay the groundwork for a multi-million dollar franchise of their own.
Gotcha!!! hehe... I just wanted to see if you were still awake Wink Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, my recipes:


Now, of course, our valued members - and I mean that most sincerely - have also come up with their very own recipes. All of these O.R (i.e. Original Recipe) Replication attempts are awesome indeed! They represent a down-home genuine effort at breaking the O.R. “code”... And unlike the supposed “Imitation KFC” recipes you will find plastered all over the Internet, these tried and true gems will snatch you the very heart and soul of Colonel Sanders’ famous Chicken recipe.

At the very least, they are an EXCELLENT start to your Kentucky Fried Chicken, Original-Recipe-Replicating journey:


Now, come on ya’ll and make me proud! Let’s crack that Code and shout it out loud!

The 11 Spices and Herbs ARE? ........................

The Colonel
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