11 Herbs & Spices
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Official Photograph of the 11 Herbs & Spices!

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Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:50 pm    Post subject: Ads

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The Colonel
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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 6:27 am    Post subject: Official Photograph of the 11 Herbs & Spices! Reply with quote

An Official Photograph of the 11 Herbs & Spices!

LEFT: The Original Recipe "Vials" photograph, as it first appeared on the Internet, in September of 2008 - RIGHT: The "Vials" as they appeared on WLKY T.V in February of 2009

This photograph was taken by an A.P Photographer, one Brian Bohannon, on the 8th of September 2008, just one day before Colonel Sanders' 118th Birthday.

It is an image of a "Commemorative" set of vials containing the 11 Herbs & Spices of Colonel Sanders' famous "Original Recipe" chicken seasoning. It was originally commissioned by the KFC Corporation, on what would have been Colonel Sanders' 95th Birthday (i.e. "September 9th, 1985").

Each glass vial measures approximately 5 inches (12.5 cm) in height, and 1/2 an inch (1.25 cm) across. They were manufactured by "Schott", a Laboratory Supplies Company based in the U.S. This specific range of vials is known as the "KIMAX" range: A top quality glass vial manufactured to exacting Industry Standards. The glass vials themselves are housed in one inch thick perspex material.

Interestingly, each vial, appears to have a black tar-like substance under its lid. Logic dictates this to be a sealant of some sort, apparently put in place for security reasons. It seems clear that KFC Corp never intended these vials to be viewed by the general public, and proof of this is that no photos of them have ever been presented to the Media, before the year 2008 (i.e. 23 years after their manufacture!) Also, keep in mind that the Internet was still a number of years away, so that wasn't a consideration either... It would be safe to assume that they were originally designed to be utilised only in Corporate gatherings, such as official KFC Conferences, wherein they would be presented up on a podium of some description, before a "captive" audience of KFC Franchisees, investors and office execs... before being promptly locked away again, as soon as said event was over.

One final note on this angle - and something worth keeping in mind - is that the Vials were NOT commissioned by the current owners of KFC Corp (i.e. PepsiCo and/or it's subsidiary "YUM Brands") who bought the Company in October of 1986... No, these Vials were produced by the previous owners, R.J Reynolds. And I think this is a highly significant point, in gaining a proper understanding of the actual context surrounding this incredible find. Essentially, what this means is that the folks who originally, and "innocently", authorised it's production way back in 1985, had NOTHING to do with the Vial's final release to the public, more than two decades later, in 2008...

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So, why was an image of them finally released, you may ask?

Well, September of 2008, was the month that KFC Corp had decided that they would redesign the "Safe" which housed Colonel Sanders' handwritten recipe. It would seem that they saw it as an opportunity for some "cheap n' nasty" P.R (as Corporations do) ... So, they "invited" the media along (at what price, is anyone's guess), to a number of publicity events essentially promoting KFC and some of it's new upcoming products.

Now, these vials also reside in the same Safe as the famous recipe, and whilst you and I would never allow such a thing to occur, in an incredibly fumbled and stupid move, which defies all logic, the President of KFC Corp - Roger Eaton - decided to allow an A.P Photographer to take a few promotional shots of the vials in question... One can only assume that like a flustered bride on her wedding day, Roger was taken in by the moment... by the glitz and the "prestige" of the event. Well, whatever it was, it can not be denied that - considering that the O.R of Colonel Sanders' is literally worth BILLIONS of dollars - it must rank as one of the most stupifying and unbelieveable "P.R stunts" ever undertaken by a Corporate leader, in the last 100 years...


The photo below was taken at KFC Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, on a modern digital camera; making the original image of an extremely high quality. However, whilst it has appeared on the Internet before now (in KFC-sponsored "news" articles and such), the quality of the image has left a lot to be desired... especially if - like myself - you seek to study the contents of the glass vials therein!

Well, here at TCK - in yet another World First!- we present that same photograph, but in a high resolution, color-enhanced version; displayed in a clarity you have never seen before!

Savor it my fellow O.R Replicators and study it well!

For nine of our independently verified "100 Percenters" (i.e. spices and herbs which have been proven to be in the O.R of Colonel Sanders), are represented in this photo! Look closely, compare them to your herbs and spices at home... compare them with images you may find on Google! ... and rejoice!

Rejoice at this incredible blunder made by the KFC Corporation! And then reflect on the full meaning of this awesome find!

Please note: Click on the above photo, to view full sized image.

From our Independently Derived "100 Percent" List:

A: Coriander - B: Bay Leaves - C: UNKNOWN - D: Sage - E: UNKNOWN - F: Ginger - G: White Pepper
H: Cardamom - I: Savory - J: Red Pepper (Ground Chile Flakes) - K: Black Pepper
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've spent a great amount of time cooking, experimenting, and observing spices and herbs during this project. I've recently tried to set aside the personalities, conflicts, and prejudices which exist in the determination of the original 11 spices and herbs. I have determined that 7 of my conclusions about the 11 vials are accurate and indisputable. These are substances that have exact matches in the photos I've studied. The uses of these would also allow for the use of smaller quantities of s/hs to season flour. I have not found any possible matches for mustard, chili pepper, tarragon or oregano. This post is made, I'm sure, to pretty much dead forum audiences. Maybe this will elicit some interest. I will say, that I've developed a seasoning blend which is better than the original KFC. This I owe to no one. I will continue until the great mystery is uncovered. I believe that the release of this photo was an example of "hide in plain sight". I believe also that other ingredients added to the OR were simple elements not deserving of "secret status", such as salt, msg, chili pepper, and garlic (or Aromat).


A - Thyme/savory
B - Basil/rosemary
C - Allspice/clove
D - Bay leaf/rosemary
E - Nutmeg/allspice
F - Ginger
G - White pepper
H - Cardamom
I - Sage (rubbed)
J - Coriander
K - Lemon pepper
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